My triggers for climbing…

Lou noticed some things when he and Leon and I were climbing that are holding me back and that could really improve my climbing if I overcome them.  Here’s the list:

  1. “If you’re looking up at the problem, you’re doubting yourself, not the problem.”
  2. “Step back and read the first moves better for better commitment.”
  3. “Step back if you’re indecisive or not committed.”
  4. “Focus on the climb.  Don’t take yourself out of the climb.”  As in, don’t quit.
  5. “Grab two holds, look down, grab two holds, look down.  Grab two holds, look down for footholds – don’t look up!”
  6. “Drive the route through your legs.”
  7. “Use the gym as training for outdoors.”

That’s the short list.  There’s a lot of advice that goes with each one of those statements, but if I follow that advice, it’s a game-changing set of statements!  I fully plan on implementing all advice given!!!  Thank you, Lou!!!

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