The best holds on the problem!

IMG_2296Below the point that you see me in this photograph, there are no real “holds”.  There are some slightly-more-than-dime-edges, but nothing great.  The problem consists of trusting your feet on these tiny “holds”, if that’s what you would call them, and stemming the dihedral.  This problem is a V3- on the Bozeman Pond Boulder called “Chris’s Corner”.  Here is the photo essay portion of my post: me climbing it from the bottom and Lou Renner photographing my ascent from above…

What a fantastic problem!!!  That’s my favorite problem of all the problems that I’ve ever attempted or sent on the Bozeman Six!!!  A stemming, dihedral, dime-edge, high-step, palming, wonder of an impossible-looking problem!  That’s “Chris’s Corner”!!!  You’ll find it behind Ace Hardware…

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