When nobody wants you because you just want to climb

Without going into a whole lot of detail, I’ll just say that my life is falling apart and leave that to your imagination. I have my health. That’s a plus. Maybe the only plus of the day… Today started out like any other Saturday, then things suddenly went sideways. Really sideways. I can’t get ahold of my doctor because it’s the weekend, and I can’t talk to anyone else about it. Right on the heels of an extremely stressful Psych Eval and now right before my 13th wedding anniversary of my second marriage. All I want to do is climb, and that’s the entirety of the problem that has finally surfaced today. I’m just trying to be happy and it’s the most effective way I’ve found to manage my PTSD, along with the medications and my psychiatrist. Those closest to me are more than a little unhappy with me about that. I’m going to die alone in the mountains. I’ve known that for a few years now. That’s a long way off, but that’s the thought that I’m left with today. Fitting for a climber, I guess…

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