Bound forever to the mountains

xOQOYCGyTymwZKwH+nI0rwThis is my new silicon ring from Qalo.  They just came out with these.  This one happens to be a size 10 and is on my right right finger.  So I’m bound forever to the mountains.  Really?!  YEESSSS!!!  I can live with that!!!  Climbing.  Nothing like it in the world.  It’s a one-of-a-kind experience, and I want to have that experience as many times as possible in my life, so I hope I live a good, long time in good health so I can enjoy the earth and its wonders in the world of the steep!

I posted my Week 11 MyClimb Genesis Challenge 2018 review this morning and, although it ended up being a novella, it highlighted the points of my week pretty well.

I’ve lost 16 lbs in five weeks!  Eleven of those pounds were lost just in the last four weeks!!!  That’s the result of everything, including the stars, aligning in my favor.  FINALLY!!!  I hope that the weight loss continues and that I can get back down to 124 lbs where I belong!  It won’t be overnight, but I can live with losing two or three pounds per week.  I’m not actually dieting or doing anything special.  My medication just kills my appetite.  I’m not hungry constantly, and you’d be amazed at how much time you have to do other things when you’re not searching for food all the time!  It’s fantastic!!!  I still drink about a gallon of fluids a day, so that hasn’t changed any.  If I eat too much, or the wrong thing, I feel really sick on this medication, so it helps me literally “go with my gut”.  I’ve been eating mostly cottage cheese, yogurt, fish, fruit, and veggies.  No oil or grease, no fried, fatty foods, no heavy stuff, no pasta or white breads (makes me feel nauseous), etc.  I’ve also been going on an hour walk with my nephew and my mom at least four days per week, as well as climbing and going to the trampoline park (this last week).  All that exercise adds up, because I ride the exercise bike for about a half an hour at the climbing gym before I leave when I go there, whether it’s before I climb or after.  I’m rather pleased that the medication actually works and does what it’s supposed to do medically as well!  Win-win!!!

Today’s supposed to be dreary and rainy.  We’ll see how busy the climbing gym is.  It’s usually packed on Saturdays, so I’ll either get there right when they open up at 1000 hrs or call ahead to find out how busy they are.  I want to be conservative and avoid injury because Lou and Leon are coming next week to climb!  As a matter of fact, they arrive in Bozeman, Montana tomorrow sometime!!!  I won’t be able to get up there until later on Monday afternoon, but it should be a load of fun getting to see those two again!!!  I can’t wait!!!

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