Twice to the climbing gym today

I went to the climbing gym today right after church, but wasn’t feeling good enough to climb. Scott, one of the owners, told me to get on the bike for five minutes and see if that helped. I did seven minutes on the bike and felt even worse. I contemplated the universe for a bit longer, then decided to head out.

This afternoon, I got to feeling better after I had a rather plain sandwich from Subway, so I called over to see how busy the gym was this afternoon. Heath, one of the other owners, answered the phone and said that there should be some pretty mellow time coming up in about 45 minutes and that it was an average Sunday crowd at that particular moment. I got my climbing gear together and headed out to the climbing gym again. I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of people here, although it’s gotten a bit busier than when I came in. I got to spend some quality time in my Lowa Rockets, which proved to be a lot of fun because I onsighted a green problem that started with a double undercling and proceeded to a lieback on the arête. I flashed five other problems as well. I trust my feet in the Lowa Rockets, which is an excellent sign!

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