A better look at the Lowa Rockets

DfMhuVx6QgWWEARL6LrgnA  I just can’t get over how perfect these climbing shoes fit my feet!  The Lowa Rocket climbing shoes.  They’re not one of the “major brands” that you think of all the time in America when you think of climbing shoes at a retail shop, like La Sportiva or Scarpa are, but they should be!!!  These would work for a person who has Morton’s Toe (if you have it, you know what it is).  I have a slight case of Morton’s Toe on my right foot and I always have to size my shoes to my right foot due to that and the fact that I’ve broken a couple of toes, my pinky toe pretty badly and several times, in the past.  Things aren’t exactly square in there, if you know what I mean!  I know another climber with Morton’s Toe that I should tell about these shoes, as a matter of fact.  It’s too bad that we have such limited access to certain shoe brands from Europe and other Overseas regions.  I see climbing shoes in YouTube videos from Europe and think, “Wow!  Look at those!  What are those???”  I still like my La Sportiva Skwamas and Solutions, but I’m going to be trying these Lowa Rockets out hardcore for a little while because they are just…I don’t even know how to describe it!  Right out of the box, onto my feet, and BAM!  Instant grade higher climbing at the climbing gym yesterday.  And instant movement enhancement.  It’s like these shoes force me to move my hips and rotate my heels in the correct direction and maintain good balance, all while gripping the tiniest chip on the wall or smearing on the wall itself.  I was researching these shoes a bit more and just this year, they came out with a laced version – the Lowa Rocket Lace.  The laces are offset, so I don’t know how that would affect torsion, but I’ll bet they’re pretty neat.  I’ll stick with the original Lowa Rockets for now, though.  I’m having a good time in them!!!  I like the thick rubber, the type of rubber, and lots of rubber.  I like the shape, the aggressive downturn, the heel, the toe…I like everything about them A LOT!!!

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