Got my alpine start…kind of…

So, the alarm went off and I turned it off, got up, got dressed, took my meds, and asked my husband what time he wanted me to wake him up for his doctor’s appointment.  “You’re going climbing this morning, aren’t you?”  Oh,yeah…I am!  I offered to call him at 0800 hrs on his cell phone instead, since I would be at the climbing gym.  I decided to try out my new breakfast power foods combination this morning.  Dried mangoes and almonds.  I put some of each in their own plastic baggies, sealed them up, and put them in my pack.  I washed out my bright orange Hydroflask and filled it with water.  Throwing my long-sleeved shirt on and donning my cap, I grabbed my gear and headed out the door.  The sprinklers in the front yard weren’t on yet, so I didn’t get soaked this morning.  It was chilly out.  I rolled my window down, anyway, because I like the smell of the cool morning air.  Upon reaching the climbing gym, I decided to eat some of my breakfast once I had parked. It was delicious and filling!  I only ate half of it initially, saving some for a bit later.

Once the gym opened, I checked in and had a good conversation with the Head Route Setter about technology.  He suggested a Netflix series called “Black Mirror” because I like science fiction.  I’ll have to check it out.  I’m exhausted this morning and don’t know if I’m actually going to climb.  I might go back to my apartment after I get finished with this post and g t some more sleep.  At least I got up and made it to the climbing gym!!!

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