So much for the alpine start today!

My alarm went off.  I sat up.  I turned my alarm off.  I turned my BiPAP machine off.  Peeling off my BiPAP mask after unhooking the hose, I laid both on the bed and went to take my morning meds.  GULP!!!  Got those down.  I looked around.  How did I feel?  I felt tired.  I washed my face and washed my eyes out with some cold water.  Normally, that wakes me right up if I’m not awake already.  I looked up at the clock, cruelly ticking away the time.  I wanted to go climbing.  I also wanted to sleep.  I have to go with my mom to pick out an air conditioner for her and Dad today.  I’m going back to bed.  Off went the lights, as I left the kitchen and navigated my way through the house in the dark, back to the bed, put my BiPAP mask back on in the dark, clipped the hose in and laid down…

I woke up at 0731 hrs.  Way too late.  I figured that I might sleep another hour and wake up around 0600 hrs or so.  Nope.  I needed the rest.  I noticed that my body was more sore than usual.  Ah, yes, the bike ride yesterday.  I’m feeling it.  Gotta get into better shape!!!  And that’s how we do it – by climbing and riding bikes and walking…  I washed my face again and washed my eyes out with cold water.  Hunger.  That’s what I felt.  I dug into the box of possibilities and pulled out a breakfast bar, which I made quick work of.  I’m still hungry.

Well, so much for my alpine start for climbing this morning…  I have officially broken my routine.  I had a good thing going!  Last week, I managed my alpine start all four weekdays that the climbing gym opens at 0600 hrs!  I was hoping to keep that streak going.  So much for that.  Oh, well.  I’ll climb later today, and I’ll ride my bike sometime today, too.  Without a concrete plan, things get away from me, but I know that my mom will be calling on me and picking me up sometime around lunch.  Yeah.  That’s specific.  The only concrete thing about my day was the alpine start that I blew by going back to bed.  Lesson learned the hard way, I guess.  I can feel all-out chaos coming on…

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