A somewhat hijacked day

Well, I just hope that I don’t give Cullen my illness. I finished the antibiotic yesterday, but I’m still far from well. Due to the weather, my mom couldn’t make it into town to watch Squiggle Bug, so the duty falls to Jerrold and me. Jerrold had to work this morning, so I’m it until he gets done. I have an appointment with the Doc today and have to be there at half past noon, so Jerrold is going to come home and watch Cullen at noon so I can go to my appointment. Logistically, it takes some strategizing, but it’s doable. I just don’t want my little nephew to get sick! I don’t think I’m contagious, but it would still be terrible if he got the bug that’s going around. When you consider what his risk of exposure to it would be at a daycare, though, his chances are pretty slim, to be honest. He was really amped this morning, haha! He bounced in his bouncer for close to an hour! I got some good video for the family from that! He finally succumbed to sleep almost an hour ago right after we went and did a diaper change. He definitely likes a clean diaper, and is actually pretty particular about it for a 7-month-old, haha! I think that’s a good sign. He’s sure a happy little guy! Always a big smile on his face! I’m really glad for that, and I hope he stays that way as he grows up. Very handsome boy, too. I might be just a tad bit biased (okay, a ton of bias for Squiggle Bug), but every kid needs that. I can’t wait until I can teach him climbing lingo and we can go climbing and draw together and collect bugs! We’re going to have such a good time! I cherish my “World’s Most Awesome Aunt” coffee mug!!! I want him to have the best life possible!!!

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