I’ve been blogging for one year today!!!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a whole year!!!  And I’m monitoring my EEG activity while I’m writing this to see how it turns out!  How interesting is that?!  I think it’s pretty cool, myself.  As a matter of fact, the data you see accompanying this post is from my time monitoring my EEG activity while writing these first words of this post!  The first seven minutes, to be exact!  I think this Muse headband is so cool!  I love the idea of monitoring  brain activity while doing various tasks and seeing what it does for you – whether it makes you calmer or more active!  I have to satisfy my intellectual itch somehow!!!  This seems like a good way to do it.  It’s data that can be used in learning to manage my PTSD and is, therefore, valuable.  I’m at under two minutes for time with the data collection now.  I’m at about a minute and a half left of this session.  I’m not listening to the meditation, just having my EEG data recorded.  We’ll see how it turns out!!!  This is so cool!!!  Okay, I’m going to pause typing and get ready to listen to what the instructions say in under 20 seconds now…


Here it is!  So, I had 26 Recoveries from Active to Neutral, and was 1% Calm (meaning my brain activity was only in the calm range for a few seconds) during those seven minutes of recording time.  Blogging, then, takes my brain into the Active region of the graph quite a few times, but for the most part, keeps it in the Neutral area.  If you remember the EEG data taken after I woke from a nightmare, this Neutral zone activity is terrific compared to the Active zone activity that was recorded in the five minutes from the post-nightmare timeframe!  Having PTSD, I’m sure that my zones don’t reflect the average person’s zones as far as what should be defined as “Calm”, “Neutral”, and “Active”.  I think that, for me, Neutral is pretty darned good, and possibly a great accomplishment!!!

Who would’ve thought I’d be blogging about EEG activity on my climbing blog exactly one year after I began blogging?  When I climb with this Muse headband, it’s going to be awesome!!!  I wonder if I’ll feel good enough in the morning to go and do that?!  I am still sick, as evidenced by my fatigue and utter exhaustion after watching my nephew all day. I feel like my energy – the little that I actually had – really took a beating today.  We’ll see about collecting some EEG data on the wall tomorrow, though!  I can’t wait!!!

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