Alpine start bouldering session!


My husband has graciously agreed to take care of our nephew Cullen this morning so that I can go to the climbing gym and take advantage of their members-only alpine start hours.  I’m going to focus on bouldering this morning, since we reset the left side of the main floor wall yesterday.  I have to say that I’ve barely touched, very literally, bouldering since the new gym opened because that area is always so busy and I haven’t had an opportunity to go to the gym much (only twice) during alpine start hours.  I’m excited!  I’m going to try the green V2 that I set the feet on and AJ set everything else on!!!  So excited!!!  I’m really looking forward to the lack of crowded spaces this morning.  Other people show up, but total, in the entire gym, there are probably a dozen or so at 0600 hrs.  I like that.  A LOT.

Speaking of crowded places, AJ paid me a huge compliment yesterday in telling me that I’ve gotten a lot better at crowds and he’s noticed that I’m a lot better in crowds now.  He said it seems like it’s barely noticeable now.  That’s HUGE!!!  It’s NOTICEABLE TO OTHERS!!!  That is so cool!!!  My doctor and I had just talked about that during my appointment, too, so it was great to hear that I’ve made noticeable progress with being in crowds.  My doctor said that I should continue to go to the gym during crowded times to get past the anxiety of them because then I won’t have to worry about anxiety stopping me from going climbing.  Other things might stop me, but it won’t be anxiety that stops me.

Well, gotta go get after that alpine start.  The climbing gym opens at 0600 hrs and I’m going to be there with bells on!!!  Updates pending…

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