Route setting with the star volume


The imagination of a route setter runs wild when this photo is presented to them.  Volumes and blank walls, all for the creative mind and wrenches and holds to fill in with problems galore…  This is just a preview for those of you who go to this climbing gym and will see what we did with it tomorrow.

I was charged with setting a V2.  I began with a rough vision of what I wanted to happen with the problem – an undercling, good but not great holds, smaller handholds and footholds, and use of at least two of the volumes.  I didn’t want it to be a ladder.  By the time I had half of it up, I was much more proud of the footholds than the handhold placements.  I was frustrated, too, by the fact that my height only allows me to set so far up, then I need help.  AJ almost completely reset the handholds, except for the starting few holds, but he agreed that the feet were really good.  I’m still gaining experience and the only way to do that is to try.  I do my best.  My problems are often in need of serious tweaking, but I do my best.  Someday, I’ll be great!!!

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