The show must go on…

Thank you, and a big shout out to, my faithful readers who have stuck with me through this time of grief and mourning over my Pop’s death the day before Easter.  I’ve been staying with Mom this last week, and haven’t had access to the internet much, not that I could come up with anything to write this last week, anyway.  My dad’s remains are safe in Mom’s house somewhere (location undisclosed, as it was very disturbing to her and she’s afraid it would be distressing for us kids to know where Pop’s remains are, as well) and the death certificates are with Mom’s important paperwork.

My aunt and uncle up the street invited us up for supper last night and my aunt, though she denies putting much work into it, obviously put a lot of love into the meal that she prepared for us.  My uncle hugged my Mom and then hugged me, giving me a few kisses and asking me how I was doing.  “Rough.  Really rough,” I had to reply.  My uncle told me that, if possible, I should go down and see the rest of the family over Memorial Day because I have an uncle down there “who just loves [me] to pieces”.  Yeah, I should go down.  My uncle emphasized that nothing is guaranteed, moment-to-moment, as we’ve seen firsthand in a very painful fashion just in these last few weeks.  I do need to go see the rest of the family.  They’re several states away, but I do fear that it won’t be long before there is less family to see, my beloved uncle being chief among them.

So, we’ll see what we can work out.  I can cancel one of my doctor’s appointments if that’s the only thing scheduled in and my younger brother and sister-in-law can find other means for having my nephew looked after for one day.  Maybe his grandpa can look after him for a day or my brother can take a day off from work.  I really need to go see the rest of the family while they’re still alive to go and see.  It’s been quite a few years since I’ve been down there.  I’ll see what I can do, for the show must go on…

I’ll be climbing with my dear friend Ket tomorrow, which happens to be my three-year anniversary of beginning my climbing career, so that will be special.  Stay tuned!

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