Figuring out the small business world

Small business.  Straightforward and simple, right?  WRONG!  Tax ID’s, known as EIN’s, licensing, what to license your business as, what to call your business, you name it and it has to be decided, all before you know if you’re even going to make it!  I’m reading books, going through a business course, trying to get some writing done in between, and it’s all a lot to do and wrap my head around!  And then finding the forms, filing them, what orer to file for them in, etc., can be a huge circus for someone who’s just learning the ropes like me!  I’m doing my best, but it’s getting crazy!  Fortunately, I’ve got my Self-Reliance Business group to rely on for help.  Some of them have their own  businesses, and they know exactly what they’re doing.  That’s good for me, because I can ask and they usually know the answer to the question.  Usually.  I have to search some government websites and figure out exactly what I’m doing and how for some of this stuff, and they make it complicated because I’m not a tax lawyer or an accountant.  I’m just Average Joe Climber who wants to write and do some freelance art/illustrations for magazines, and possibly get a book or two published!  That all seems so complicated now.  As an idea, it’s great.  Then you get into the tangled web of how to do it all and it gets tricky…

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