Trad climbing today!

I’m meeting Lou and Leon at their hotel at 0930 hrs this morning.  After we have breakfast, we’re going to go traditional, or “trad” climbing.  This will be my first experience ever trad climbing!!!  I’m so glad it will be with Lou and Leon, too!!!  This will be a truly special experience, as it always is with Lou and Leon.  I hope I can get some good photos of Lou and Leon, too – ones that they can use for things like cards, social media, and the like.  Leon’s not on social media, but he sends out these awesome Christmas cards every year, and I look forward to Leon’s Christmas cards so much!!!  We’ll probably be going up into the Gallatin canyon or the Hyalite canyon… I’m not sure where exactly we’re going, but Lou and Leon know where they want to go, and that’s all that matters to me because they know what they’re doing!  I’m just along for the ride today, which is great – it’s awesome of them to invite me along!!!  I love these two guys, I really do.  Two of my best buddies, and they always will be.  I trust them both with my life.  Now that’s a buddy!!!  Updates pending…

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