How many stone do you weigh?

I have a climbing buddy in the UK who tells us his weight in stone, which is a measurement they have for body weight across The Pond.  One stone equals 14 pounds.  I told him I need to lose 11 stone (which is accurate), and he replied, “Blimey, that’s more that I weigh!” haha!!!  His reaction was so funny!!!  Seriously, though, it was fun to figure out how much weight I need to lose in stone.  Why don’t you try to figure out your weight in stone?  It’s something fun you can pull on your friends if it’s something they’re not used to hearing!  I do, truly, need to lose 11 stone, though.  That’s a fact.  For my health and for the sake of my climbing progression and the absolute bliss I’ll feel when I’m able to climb better because I’m shedding stone!  I love this stone measurement.  Doesn’t 19 stone sound a lot better than 270 pounds when you say it out loud?  I think it does!  Plus, it gets everybody into a lighter mood when they ask, “What’s a stone?”  I asked my friend this morning on Facebook how much a pebble weighs because I need to break this down a bit to make some weekly weight-loss goals.  (smile and wink)

Today is check-in and report day for the MyClimb Genesis Challenge and I’ll have to report that I haven’t climbed at all yet this week.  I’ll also have to report that I’m waiting for my meds to get here so that I can start the transition (the 28-day transition) to the one that is supposed to have very low weight-gain side effects.  I need to lose weight, not gain it!!!  That’s why we’re switching, well, part of why we’re switching.  The other part of it is that my doctor hopes that this new one will work better for me all-around.  I hope so, too.  I hate med changes.  They’re fraught with potential harmful and sometimes deadly side effects during the transitions.  I’m just praying that none of those pop up.  Nice, smooth transition.  That’s what I’m aiming for.

I do apologize for missing two days’-worth of blog posts!!!  I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to post on those days.  To my faithful readers, I hope you know that I hate doing that and try not to let it happen (ever!), but it sometimes does, despite my best efforts.  I’m human.  Extremely so.  Please forgive me for those days that I didn’t post, and I thank you in advance!  This has been, for not being a “busy” week, a very intense one!  I actually hope that it rains all day, and a decent, but not flooding amount, so that the temperature stays a little cooler than it has been.  Humidity really gets me down, and that’s what it’s been here – hot and humid!  In Montana!  What is going on???  We don’t have humidity in Montana!!!  So, I just need it to cool off a little until it dries out, and when it dries out, it can stay a little cooler so I can ride my bike and finally climb outside!!!

So, back to my point today.  Figure out how many stone you weigh!  It’ll be fun!!!  And if you already know how many stone you weigh, figure out how much you weigh in a different unit of measurement, just for the fun of it!  Have a good time!  And me?  I’m the boulder at the moment, haha!!!  🤣

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