The Genesis Challenge

On May 1st, our Spring MyClimb Challenge begins. We’re getting the name sussed out, but regardless of what the name ends up being, I’m going to call it my Genesis Challenge. I’m basically starting over from scratch, one day after the two-year anniversary of my climbing beginnings (April 30th). I’m going to get my climbing routine back, start losing weight again, go to the crags to climb as often as I have the climbing partners for, and the boulders if nobody’s available, and thoroughly enjoy my outdoor adventures, whether with my climbing buddies or not. I’m going to try out some promising new climbing shoes, get my technique nailed, and enjoy my life. All of that is going to come before I schedule anyone or anything else in. That’s something that just has to happen for my own health and well-being, first and foremost! I know it might sound bad to say it that way, but I had a good thing going last spring and summer, lost it over the hard winter for various reasons, and have to get it back! I have one life and I’m not getting any younger! There are so many things to climb!

It’s that passion thing I’ve been talking about lately. I can’t let people take it away from me! I can’t let anybody take it away from me – it’s just too important! It’s crucial to my mental and physical health, and my goals in life! It’s who I’m meant to be!!! I finally found myself! It took 35 years and a lot of suggestions, trial and error, and painful disappointments, but I’ve found who I am! I’m a climber!!! What a great thing to be! I’ll probably never be a pro climber or even a recognized one, but that’s not the point at all. The point of climbing is pure movement in the moment, fully engaged with both body and mind on the rock, with the result of euphoric joy and happiness in just being. There’s no stress there, no negativity, no pressure. There can’t be. There’s just no room for it in this process! Isn’t that great?! It is. I can testify that it is indeed something worth seeking out and experiencing! Only in letting go of the pursuit of it can you experience it. If you expect it, it won’t come, and if you try to force it, you’ll never find it. Let it happen. Just let it happen…

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