I climbed hard today

By some people’s standards, I did a warm-up today at the climbing gym.  By my standards, though, considering how sick I was for two months straight and getting my strength back along with some endurance, I climbed hard today.  I climbed until my body let me know that it was reaching exhaustion and I should stop before I injured something.  I’m stiff and sore, I ache all over, and I was pumped for 45 minutes after I finished my bouldering session.  I did laps on one problem that I really like – an arête problem – and ended up with seven ascents and seven descents of that particular problem.  I got within one move of sending another problem – a 40º overhang – and was very proud of that today.  I sent a few other problems, too, but that was the bulk of my climbing session today.  I’m sweaty and stinky and I need t take a shower.  So, off I go, and I hope your climbing session went or goes as well as mine did today!

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