I sent a V0 today!!!

Yes, that’s a big deal because I’ve been sick for a month, am still getting over the illness, and am very weak.  I named the problem “Blues on the Corner” for its position and color on the wall.  I made one attempt and sent it on my second attempt.  I was surprised because there was a really high step to get to the finishing hold and I overshot it!  I was breaking in my new Skwama climbing shoes.  I did that after cycling on the stationary bike for 20 minutes and a long rest.  I was exhausted after riding the bike, and those two climbs on the bouldering wall finished me off.  I finished on a good note, though!  A send!!!  Size 39 (M) EU is the perfect size in the La Sportiva Skwamas for me, too.  It feels right.  Size 38.5 (M) EU in most other shoes feels right.  My Solutions are size 38.5 (M) EU and they are absolutely as small as I can go.  Maybe a size 39 (M) EU in those would work just as well without as much discomfort…  We’ll have to see about that.  Anyway, the Skwamas are my go-to right now and I’m loving what they do for my climbing game.  They got me back on the wall.  I have my Skwamas and Emily, Brian, and Diane to thank for getting me back on the wall today.  I wasn’t going to boulder after cycling because of how I felt, but I really wanted to get my Skwamas on to start breaking them in.  Emily encouraged me and said she’d be back down to check on me after a short cardio session upstairs.  She was five minutes longer in coming to check on me than she said she’d be, but that was okay because I was just getting on the wall, anyway.

It took a little getting used to in my Skwamas and I had just chalked up when Em came down.  “Come on, Chris!  You can do it!  Come on!”  My first attempt took me to the second-to-last hold, but not to the finishing hold.  Emily asked if I wanted her to demonstrate.  Sure!  I watched how she sent it and she used a hold that I had completely omitted because I didn’t even see it!  My second attempt was a send!  I down-climbed and Emily gave me a huge hug.  “I’m so proud of you!!!  You did it!!!  Now you’ve got some momentum going and you’re back on the wall!!!”  It really felt good.  I’m basically starting from scratch with as sick as I’ve been for the last month.  It’s made me weak.  I’m going to have to build up my strength, endurance, and power again, in addition to my grip, calluses, and confidence.  Oh, well.  A fresh start.  Not always a bad thing, I guess.  I’ll be bouldering at first, and maybe doing a bit of roped climbing.  I’ll be building up my endurance on the stationary bike, too.  Once the inflammation in my lungs settles down, it might be a bit easier.  Nothing like beginning again to spark a beginner’s mindset!  The awe and wonder of climbing come back, too!!!

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