Today is the true anniversary of my climbing blog…

I began blogging about climbing on 07 Feb 2017 under the domain of, which is still active and will redirect you to my current domain of  It began as Bouldering 2017, and has become Climbing 4 The Rest Of Us because, at this time last year, the Bouldering 2017 domain was free.  Easy choice.  Then I began paying fees for things, like an e-mail to go with the domain and so forth.  I upgraded my blog to the business plan so that I could collect statistics and such, and now, I pay for the Climbing 4 The Rest Of Us domain, but I’d be paying for the business plan, anyway, in which it is included.  So, one year ago today, was born.  I’d had a previous blog through WordPress that I had begun four years ago the other day, which is the anniversary the program was alerting me about.  Sorry for any confusion.

As far as climbing blogs and me go, today is the day!  Happy One Year Anniversary to!!!  Yay!!!  This blog has been a very useful tool for me.  First of all, I enjoy posting on my blog every day.  As you know if you’ve read it much at all, I often post more than once a day.  My blog keeps me going sometimes.  It’s a daily routine that I go through and I end up having to apply myself to something creative every day, which is good for my mental health and discipline.  Speaking of my mental health, it gives me an outlet to use for thoughts, feelings, and discoveries made in my favorite activity – climbing!  If you read my blog, you know that I can associate anything with climbing, too, haha!  I hope that you, my readers, get as much out of my climbing blog as I do, because it certainly means a lot to me and keeps me in a much more healthy state than I would otherwise be in.  I appreciate every reader, every visitor, every passer-by that reads any of my blog posts.  I truly do!  Thank you for being part of what I’ve created here, and I hope you continue to enjoy it!  Don’t be afraid to comment or click a “Like” here and there!  Happy reading!!!

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