My new and improved Friction Labs Secret Stuff arrived

Eighty percenty ethanol alcohol mixed with the finest magnesium carbonate on earth! Can it get any better than that? I don't think so, but that's just me. My Friction Labs Hygenic Secret Stuff (liquid chalk) arrived over the weekend and I am incredibly excited! Pandemic, I fear you less! With 80% ethanol alcohol in it, … Continue reading My new and improved Friction Labs Secret Stuff arrived

Wild ride!

So, yes, I survived World War III, also known as the Fourth of July. Miraculously. I appreciate the holiday, but I cannot tolerate much in the way of its celebration because I have such a severe and chronic case of PTSD. Bummer, but yeah. It really sends me over the edge! It is over for … Continue reading Wild ride!

Lots going on

I have been slaving away at my computer researching, typing up papers, reading, analyzing, citing, and going out of my mind all week so far. I find it oddly satisfying, but I have been sorely neglecting my blog in the process. So, first thing's first. Today is Squiggle Bug's third birthday!!! Yes, he has survived … Continue reading Lots going on