Let it…snow?

Well, I guess I should've expected it, since it's February in Montana. Yes, it is indeed snow that I speak of, and plenty of it. Super Bowl Sunday, Groundhog Day, and, well, let My mom and I went for two walks together before she left for the city because the temperature was dropping and … Continue reading Let it…snow?

Planning some peakbagging

Peakbagging, you say? Yes, that's what I said. It's getting to the summit of a peak of some prominence (this varies) without climbing proper, which may include 3rd Class scrambling, though. It's technically "hiking", but can be some very intense hiking indeed. I'm after mountain peaks, after all! Here in Montana, those can be on … Continue reading Planning some peakbagging


I don't normally drink coffee because it's against my religion, but I now have a doctor's prescription for it as an analgesic (painkiller), and it works remarkably well! So now I wonder if I'm still in good standing and Temple-worthy because I've been drinking my analgesic that I made a covenant with God not to, … Continue reading Coffee