Who am I?

I went to get my Real ID at the DMV the other day and was telling the Doc about it today.  He was curious as to how it worked, so I was telling him and we realized that there was an awful lot of circularity to the whole process.  For example, I used my current … Continue reading Who am I?

The beach

Squiggle Bug loved the "beach" that Gramma and I set up (and that Uncle Jerrold built the frame for) in the back yard for him.  We decided we needed to let the sand dry out some more before we turned him loose in it, but that didn't keep him from jumping in and sitting down! … Continue reading The beach

Homework from the Doc and my driver’s license renewal

Well, I had my driver's license renewal appointment this morning.  I also got the Real ID now required to get past checkpoints that Montana has been fighting the implementation of for the past six years.  I didn't have to because I had a valid passport, a military ID, a Social Security card, and many other … Continue reading Homework from the Doc and my driver’s license renewal

Cutting back on the meds – an insider’s view

So, right now, I feel like it's about 120ºF in the house with the fan blowing straight on me and it's only actually 70ºF with a lot of humidity.  My body's not happy at all with me not having my antipsychotic medication today.  I feel feverish, but in that roasting-to-death way.  I've been in the … Continue reading Cutting back on the meds – an insider’s view

What a storm!

Ferocious winds buffeted the buildings, testing the strength of the branches and roots of the trees.  Sixty-mile-per-hour gusts caused weak branches and shingles to go flying into the air, across streets and into vehicles.  Then the torrential rain began, littered with hail as the constant rumble of thunder and the lightning flashes persisted.  The neighbors … Continue reading What a storm!