The 2021 Trek Marlin 6; my new mountain bike!

I picked up my new Radioactive Red Trek Marlin 6 small-frame bike yesterday. I have yet to ride it, and need to adjust the seat, but short of that, I’m in business! I’m selling the Co-op ADV that I had gotten a couple of years ago. It’s just not working for me. Nothing wrong with it and it’s been ridden under five miles total (not even broken in). It’s a small frame bike, too, but the stand over height is slightly different and the handlebars definitely don’t work for me. I’m a mountain bike person. That’s what this whole thing has taught me. And that’s okay. I no longer want to tour the US by bike. That may change someday, but I don’t see it happening for awhile.

So back to the Trek bike I just bought. Super excited about that! The link above should take you to photos and a description of the bike. I’m going to post my own photos when I get some. Let’s see if I can get this to work…

2021 Radioactive Red Trek Marlin 6

I like the slight curve in the top tube. It makes the standover height just right for this short-legged person! I rode it halfway around the block to get it to the back driveway, but beyond that, I have to adjust the seat. It steers well and the brakes work well. Both plusses. It’s a hardtail bike with a front suspension fork and not much to mount to (which is good—I don’t need a bunch of junk hanging off my bike). I got the kickstand, obviously enough, and a water bottle holder installed. Now all I need to mount is my front and rear daytime running lights and I’ll be good to go. I had the shop I bought it at put the goop in my tires that is supposed to help them not to go flat. That has always helped in the past. I have a year’s warranty on the tubes, so that is good, too. Goat-head thorns are the worst around here! There’s no way to avoid them. Extra precautions (if you don’t want to walk your bike long distances with flat tires) are a must. I’ll give you all an update once I’ve ridden it some. So stoked!

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