The beginnings of vertical

Today, I had the beginnings of vertical creep up on me. I attempted a few vertical bouldering problems and got little traction on them, but the desire is there. I traversed several times as usual to warm up and practice my technique. I have to say I’m a bit disappointed in my efforts at the vertical today, but I must also say that there are factors such as ape index and shoe type that play into my hesitancy to really throw for a move right now. I’m still getting back to a level of trust with my Katanas through traversing, and I’ll admit that I feel more comfortable on small holds with my Solutions, but that’s a work in progress. Falling, of course, is always a factor. Ape index…I probably can reach, but don’t have the strength to get myself out of that extreme reach right now. That reach is a problem on most of the wall. Someone much taller or an orangutan set these boulders! When I used to set routes, we had a stick marked with different colored tapes that we would measure reach distance with, and that worked very well as a gauge for the average person (and it was inclusive of short people, such as myself). I often wonder what happened to that stick. Regardless, the problems are not bad or poorly set—please don’t misunderstand. I just have to get my confidence back. That, as in all things climbing, is a process. I just have to be patient and give it more time. I will get back my former climbing prowess and then some. It takes time and patience. I’m a little short on patience, but I’m getting there. As long as I’m trying, I’m improving and I feel good. That’s all that matters.

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