Traverse right, traverse left…

I’m more into traversing right now than vertical problems. I’m trying to make sure that my technique is rock solid, pun intended. I’m still climbing in my Katanas on the upper wall of the climbing gym and getting more efficient at choosing holds, which meant that today I had to use more difficult holds and do some more difficult movements to keep progressing the way that I would like to. My whole body screams at me every day after I climb, but it’s so worth every ounce of pain! After a year without any climbing activity, my body has to get used to the idea that we’re doing it whether it likes it or not right now. Gotta get back into shape. I’m finally comfortable in my climbing shoes again. That took a bit, but we’re on the right track again now. I will soon battle gravity more directly, but not quite yet. Practice, practice, practice…traverse right, traverse left…

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