Friction Labs prototype chalk ball

It’s the latest thing…and I finally got my “one per household” order from Friction Labs! The black, redesigned chalk ball, still refillable, but different. I can’t even describe this thing adequately to you with words. I can’t even get a good photo of it to show you, but it’s supposed to keep the germs down, which I’m certainly a fan of right now. Microbes, be gone! Seriously, though, Friction Labs is my go-to company for chalk of any kind, from Unicorn Dust to Hygienic Secret Stuff to the new black prototype chalk ball to prevent pathogen spread. I don’t even know if this thing has a name yet, other than the “prototype chalk ball”. That’s okay, though. I’m glad I got it, it does what chalk balls are supposed to do, and hopefully even more in the way of keeping those wily germs at bay! Gave some of my favorite peeps close greetings this morning and hope to continue to be able to do that. Hugs sure feel good after over a year without them! So, if you’re able to safely do so, give your favorite person an elbow bump or a hug today! We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow! As far as this prototype chalk ball from Friction Labs goes, see if you can get your hands on one and try it out. It can’t hurt! Every little bit helps. Stay safe and climb hard!

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