Sunday slack

Today is Sunday. Yesterday was intense for me. I hiked over 11,000 steps yesterday, which is over twice what I walk on a good day. Today? Ouch. I hurt all over, even in places I didn’t know I had! Am I glad I did it, though? You bet! Now I’m at the climbing gym. I expected it to be crazy busy, but I was the first one through the door this morning. I always have my climbing gear with me and I’m wondering if I dare tackle the walls before church this afternoon. It wouldn’t be the first time I showed up to church with chalk all over me, but I do get funny looks when I do. I didn’t bring a change of clothes in case disaster strikes because I wasn’t planning on being able to get on the wall this morning. The best laid plans… I am content just to sit here in relative silence (lack of screaming from little kids) right now. I want to climb, but I don’t want to get hurt due to fatigue from yesterday’s antics. Oh, well. I’m enjoying the climbing gym as is. In the moment. As it should be.

To tackle or not to tackle before church?

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