A new climbing buddy

I met someone at the climbing gym today that I really connected with—Veteran, same initials as me, and a heck of a story that parallels my own life in many ways. I enjoyed visiting with him while we bouldered together on the upper wall this morning. It was fortuitous that I came to the climbing gym today. I was not sure I was going to make it, but I did. The conversation started while we waited outside for the gym doors to open up. He’s just coming back to climbing after a while off, too. Funny thing is that we are both getting used to the feel and fit of climbing shoes again. I climbed harder and better because I had a buddy to climb with again, even if only this one time. Climbing buddies make a difference—a big one. We all want to climb well around others if we care at all what they think or if we perceive that they are sizing us up. It was a good feeling. A feeling I missed and did not even know it. So, to CJ, thanks, man. You made my day, brother. May your days be long and full of happiness until we meet again.

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