Wild ride!

So, yes, I survived World War III, also known as the Fourth of July. Miraculously. I appreciate the holiday, but I cannot tolerate much in the way of its celebration because I have such a severe and chronic case of PTSD. Bummer, but yeah. It really sends me over the edge! It is over for another year, though, and we can get back on task…somewhat.

My mother had her second cataract surgery yesterday. Her first was Monday of last week. Her first surgery and recovery went and are going well. This one yesterday? Mmm…not so much. We went back in a second time yesterday after her surgery to make sure everything was “okay” because she is not having near as good an experience with this eye as she did with the other one. “Every eye is different,” they kept telling us, poo-poo-ing us away. If it was her pinky toenail, I would say sure, no problem. It is not her pinky toenail, though. This is her vision!!! That is a huge deal and I want it to go right so that she can see to read and play the piano and sew and do whatever she pleases again! This is a big deal! I guess if you work at an eye surgery clinic and see it every day, you do not think it is such a big deal, but when it is your eyesight they are messing with, it becomes one real quick. So, thoughts and prayers for my mom as I take her for her follow-up appointment with her regular eye doctor this afternoon. Hopefully everything is okay (or going to be soon).

I have a friend who needs my company for a few weeks and I am grateful that she considers me adequate to meet her needs. We get along great—like the sister I never had—and we have a lot of fun together. She is really sick right now, though, and the doctors know some, but not all, of what is causing it. Hopefully nothing truly heinous pops up, but I am not going to worry about it. I will spend what time she needs with her and cheer her up regardless of what is going on.

Wow, has the weather been a roller coaster so far this summer! Nineties, seventies, nineties, sixties, eighties, nineties, seventies…make up your mind! I would like it to be about 75ºF and partly cloudy, myself. Ideal climbing weather. I must climb!

I am working on my SNHU English 510 class and, though it is a lot of work, I am enjoying it so much! Our professor is awesome, and most of my classmates are tolerable, if not affable. There are only one or two who are a little difficult to take, but that is to be expected in any class. So far, I am managing in the ballpark of 97.5-98% in this class. Yes, that is an A. I plan on keeping that A, too, because I am sure working hard at it!

Hopefully all of you, my readers, are doing okay. The pandemic is making things hard on everybody and I wish there was something I could say to make it better, but I fear that my words would not be adequate. I am not sure there are words for what is going on right now in the world. I only hope that, when we come out on the other side of this, we are a better neighbor to everyone around us, and that we respect each other for who we are, not “what” we are, or perceptions and opinions of “what” we should be.  Life is short. We do not have time for that bull!

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