Lots going on

I have been slaving away at my computer researching, typing up papers, reading, analyzing, citing, and going out of my mind all week so far. I find it oddly satisfying, but I have been sorely neglecting my blog in the process.

So, first thing’s first. Today is Squiggle Bug’s third birthday!!! Yes, he has survived (and so have we) for three years, now! Miraculous! We are having his birthday party on Saturday and we are having pizza for his birthday because that is his food of choice. “Pizza pie,” he says all the time.

The Fourth of July. The bane of my existence due to PTSD. Oh, well. America has to celebrate. It is important right now. Really important.

I have not had an opportunity to climb lately, but that all may change because A.J. is coming back! My climbing buddy is returning to Montana! He will be in Bozeman, but at least he will be within a couple of hours’ drive. That is much better than him being in Texas or Tennessee for climbing purposes!

Overall, I am tired. Pleasantly tired, but tired, nonetheless. Pray for me. I must go take a nap, now. Zzzzzz…

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