Realizing my mortality

Everybody ages. We get old. Everybody dies. That is life. When we are young, we think we are invincible, and often we are stuck in a mindset of a 20-year-old (if we are lucky enough to be stuck at that elderly age in our minds instead of 14) for the rest of our lives. We get to be in our late 30’s and things start to ache. We get pains and injuries more easily and more often. We see our parents decline and eventually pass away. We know we are next in the backs of our minds, but we still try to keep the pace of the 20-year-old in our heads. Slow down! Smell the petrichor. Enjoy the rumble of thunder and discover the joys of people-watching. I know that right now, everybody is stir-crazy because of the pandemic and everybody just wants to do something, but choose carefully right now. As we get this under control, we will be able to do more things. Make sure that those things count for something! Seek happiness. Seek the things you want to do. Spend time with your kids while they are little. Spend time with your parents when you are grown. You never know what you are missing, and that is the saddest of all the losses you could possibly not know about. Make sure that you spend time nurturing your health and your relationships and your mind. You are going to want all of those things when you are older.

Do not let people use you and do not use others. There are people who will appreciate you, and there is nothing wrong with helping out, but some people will use you until they have completely used you up! That is not a relationship that you want to allow to go unchecked. Set boundaries. Know what you want and how you want it to be, then try to make it work. Some relationships do not work. That is also life. You have to cut some people loose if they are not healthy for you. Know how to set boundaries and stick to them. Boundaries are some of the most important building blocks of relationships, and the best relationships come out of excellent boundaries and a willingness to negotiate them with others for the good of both and all parties involved.

Excuses. Stop making them. Own up to your decisions and actions. You will be better off for it. It builds a strong character to be accountable for your own actions. Deal with things head on and do not let things get out of hand in the first place, lest you have to then try to reign them in. That is like trying to break a wild stallion. Need I say more?

Do not kick others while they are down. Give them a hand up. If they want a hand up, make sure they understand that it is not a hand-out. They have to make and maintain their own reputation, whatever that may be. Hopefully it is a respectable one, but regardless of what that reputation is, they have to make their own decisions regarding it. Wish them the best if you have to part ways, and do not hold a grudge. Grudges only hurt you–they do not hurt the person whom you have a grudge against.

Keep a journal. Write. Make art, even if you have no confidence whatsoever in your abilities. If you think it is beautiful, then it is. Do not ever let anyone tell you different! Try playing a musical instrument. Go barefoot in the grass. Make snow angels. Get outside and enjoy nature. We live in a beautiful world. Take care of it. You have one life to live, so get out there and live it, and live it well! Try new things, and never be afraid of learning. No knowledge gained is wasted. Wisdom is a product of knowledge and experience. Strive to be wise and have a good time doing it! In other words, have a good life. Do your best, and let that be enough.

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