Reading, rain, and rancid cereal

I received a print copy of the book that is to be my textbook for my first SNHU class yesterday. It is titled A Writer’s Craft by Kendall Dunkelberg, © 2017. It is an introductory textbook to Master’s-level creative writing. I like the way that it is arranged and have read it through already, having had the copy that the university’s accommodations office had printed for me. I like the university’s copy because it is large print and very easy to read (I need an eye exam badly, but must wait until August, unfortunately). I have this extra print copy as a backup in case I need to make notes and such. Climbing and writing, writing and climbing–that is what I will be doing.

Climbing is called off today due to rain, and lots of it. We need the moisture, so I will not complain about the precipitation. It rained all day yesterday and all last night, and it continues to rain now. The forecast says that it will move out of the area around noon or so, but we will see. It will take several days for the sandstone around here to dry out enough to be safe to climb on. Never fear, though, since it is supposed to be 90º F by next Saturday, and 93º F next Sunday! Only in Montana… That is okay. I would much rather have a nice 70º F day, but my preferences are not taken into account by the weather gods, apparently. Oh, well.

I have about 750 more words to write before I am finished with this post and I really do not know what to write at the moment. My mom just brought some Honey Bunches of Oats cereal up from the basement. I really love that cereal, especially the stuff with almond slices in it. I am just writing what comes to mind, so this could be an interesting entry. I hear Mom in the kitchen digging through the cereal cupboard, finding things that she did not know were there, which probably means they have been there for more than a decade, at least. Yep, rancid stuff.  Yuck. It was just announced to me that all of the cereal in the cabinet is good now. I wonder how much she threw away… I probably really do not want to know the answer to that. I heard something about Raisin Bran and an awful gagging sound followed, so I am assuming that went in the garbage. That is enough of an indication to me that I do not need any more information on the subject. Ha, ha, I just heard my mom dumping out some cereal into the garbage bin and saying, “Whew, that was stinky!” No thank you.

Well, I might cut this particular entry off at 500 words, or a few more than that, because I have written most of what there is to be written at this point in my day. My mother is now doing the dishes, clanking this and clacking that about in the soapy sink water, and she and my aunt are going grocery shopping shortly, which will afford me the opportunity to take a shower. Showers are good. Just remember that. Showers are good. So is brushing your teeth. Take care until next.

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