More rain and some organizing

What a gully-washer of a rainstorm we just had! Out of this rainstorm alone, which has lasted from yesterday morning until now, and probably beyond, we have gotten an inch and a half of rain!  That is unheard of for our area of Montana! Surely we are out of the woods on our lack of moisture for the year-to-date now. I will have to watch the news for once and see how much Billings got. Out here at my mom’s house, we got plenty. Of course, Billings seldom gets as much rain as we do out here. I am not sure why, but the storm systems tend to split in half and go around Billings for the most part, or slide either north of the city or south of it. If a storm ever hits Billings directly, there is usually large hail and high winds involved that do a lot of damage. My theory is that, due to all of the concrete and asphalt in Billings, a heat dome is created over the city that repels the bulk of the storm cells in one way or another. Just a theory of mine. I am no meteorologist, but I notice patterns. That is one pattern that hardly ever gets broken.

I helped my mom cover up some of the things in Pop’s “office” this afternoon. We covered some of his things with sheets to keep the dust out of them. Pop’s office doubles as the pantry. Over half of the room is Pop’s office, though, and he had the same sense of organization that he passed on to me–a “piles” sense of organization. I know where everything is, in which pile, and how far down in the pile, therefore it is organized. My dad did actually label things until he was no longer able to, though. That is a skill I need to learn to use.

It is raining again. I am writing this at a 1517hrs, over three hours after this storm system was supposed to have moved on. I do not believe that meteorology is an exact science, but they might be able to tell more about the weather the day of to be more useful in planning one’s day! Actually, the rain is good, and none of my plans were sabotaged by the downpour. I have had ample opportunity to do what I have wanted to do most of the day, except when helping my mom, and that is not a big deal at all. I like helping my mom. That way, I know if something happens to her and I have to rescue her (or vice-versa). It is good to work with a buddy on most of the projects that my mother undertakes. I firmly believe in the buddy system!

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