I feel like Smiegel in J.R.R. Tolkien’s books.  A shriveled, disheveled, lost, ugly creature with a loincloth (maybe) creeping about the dripping, wet caverns of the underworld eating raw fish and cradling my “Precious” — my climbing shoes — in my arms, defending them from any harm or Hobbits that may come my way…  I’m practically climbing the walls of my mom’s house right now!  I’m going insane, I know I am, and that’s a good sign, I think.  Why would that be a good sign?  Well, because I have the energy to go insane, of course!  I’ve had pneumonia, probably the worst case I’ve ever had, for the last month and been very sick indeed.  I haven’t had any energy and the current pandemic gave me plenty of reason to worry about catching that as well.  Had I caught COVID-19 on top of my Strep B pneumonia, I’d have been a goner!  I’m on the mend, though, such that I have some energy to spare on thoughts like climbing and my lack of the ability to do so at the moment.  I’m glad for that energy!  I’m sad that I can’t climb, of course, but the energy to want to do so is a great sign.  I’m no longer a golem…  Yay!  I have hope!

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