Worldwide Fast and 190th General Conference of The Church

This weekend, I got a huge dose of positivity and hope from watching and participating in the 190th Annual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on both Saturday and Sunday. It was a special year for the Church as it was, but COVID-19 made it even more memorable, as no crowd gathered at the Salt Lake City Convention Center, but instead the better part of 16 million Latter-day Saints watched Conference by some technological means and the speakers socially distanced themselves behind the pulpit in gatherings numbering less than 10 with prerecorded music from The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square, both from earlier this year and from past broadcasts and performances. It was truly memorable and unforgettable. The messages delivered were powerful and a call to action by the Saints, as President Russell M. Nelson, the Prophet, called on those of all faiths to participate in a worldwide fast this Friday, the 10th of April, for relief from this COVID-19 pandemic. If you can join us in this worldwide fast for relief from this plague, please consider doing so. As the Prophet stated, “We need Heaven’s help.” Again, A WORLDWIDE FAST WILL BE UNDERTAKEN THIS FRIDAY, THE 10TH OF APRIL 2020, TO SEEK RELIEF FROM THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC. ALL ARE WELCOME TO JOIN US IN THIS EFFORT. Latter-day Saints offer the money that they would have otherwise spent on those meals not eaten during the fast as a fast offering to help those who do not have their basic needs met. IF YOU CANNOT FAST FROM FOOD, YOU CAN STILL PARTICIPATE BY GIVING UP SOMETHING ELSE FOR THE FAST. Some of us cannot fast from food, and I completely understand that. You can still abstain from something else or give up something else for the duration of the fast — two consecutive meals or 24 hours — you decide. We must unite in this effort, and every single individual plays a vital role. That includes YOU. Please consider joining us in this worldwide plea and effort for relief from COVID-19 this Friday! Enjoy the new symbol of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as well, pictured below:

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