Tested negative for COVID-19

Getting swabbed for COVID-19 was not a fun process. The swab had to be inserted up through my nostril, through the sinus, and swab the nasopharyngeal space where your throat meets your sinus cavity. In other words, it made me cry. However, the test only took three days instead of five days to yield results, so I was impressed with that. So, I’m sick as a dog, but not with COVID. It turns out that I have pneumonia. The good part? I don’t have COVID. The bad part? I went through all this and don’t have COVID (more to the point, the immunity to COVID). That would definitely wipe me out now if I caught it, which is scary. The VA gave me some powerful meds to fight the pneumonia with, so that should only be a major concern for another week or so. I’m already feeling like I’m on the mend after my first dose of the medications, which I took at around noon today. It’s going to take some time, more on the order of a month, to get back to full-blown fighting strength. I’m very weak right now. Self-isolating, social distancing, and Coronavirus are going to be new words in the common usage dictionary for quite some time, I fear. I hope I’m wrong, but no matter how long this goes on, remember to be responsible. If you think you’re invincible, that’s fine, but you’re not in this alone and you and I and everybody else affect each other’s health right now. You don’t want to carry COVID home to your grandma or your grandpa, do you? Or your mom or your dad? How about your darling elderly or immune compromised neighbor whom you absolutely adore? We all have to think of everyone’s health right now — not just our own. So think before you act. Please. For all of us. My thanks in advance, because I know you can make good decisions, and you will. Thank you.

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