The Skilled Helper by Gerard Egan and Jeff Reese

For anyone who has ever been “a listening ear” for a friend, coworker, client, or even a stranger, you may or may not have found yourself listening and/or communicating the way you would have liked to. Furthermore, the experience may have left you stuck with your own questions about how to solve a particular problem or wondering what you would do if you ended up in such a situation. The Skilled Helper by Gerard Egan and Robert “Jeff” Reese (11th Edition) printed in 2019 is an invaluable resource for anyone trying to better their lives through problem-solving and utilizing unused opportunities in life. This book is a real gem and I recommend it to both professionals and layperson alike. It’s a very practical book that calls for action — DOING something about the problems we and others face — and not letting those opportunities that are ripe for the picking escape us. I love the approach that this book takes, distilling down what a helper really is and what a helper is not. This book, if classified, would probably fall under the heading of communications and applied psychology, and the best part about it is that you have to have a good understanding of the principles within yourself before you can use the principles to help others. In other words, if you apply what this book is telling you to your own life, your life is going to get better! As your life gets better, you’re automatically going to be in a position to help others’ lives become better. There’s only one thing required — a readiness to change. Change can be scary, but it’s ultimately worth it if your life will be better for it, no? I’ll leave you with that thought. Are you ready for a change in your life?

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