Ten steps to stopping COVID-19 in YOU

COVID-19, once in the lungs, causes a thick mucus layer to solidify in the respiratory tract and lungs, and this layer of mucus has to be removed before any treatment can be administered.  So let’s not let it get that far!  Here are 10 steps you can take to stop COVID-19 from attacking your respiratory system:

  1. Drink lots of hot liquids.  Coffee, teas, soups, and warm water are great.  Take sips of warm water every 20 minutes.  This keeps the mouth moist and washes any viral particles that you have down into your stomach acid, where the pH is less than 1, and the virus will be inactivated.
  2. Gargle with antiseptics, such as warm water with salt, lemon, or vinegar, every day.
  3. The virus attaches itself to hair and clothing, however any soap or detergent inactivates the virus.  You must take a bath or shower immediately upon coming in off the street – do not sit down anywhere, but instead go straight to the bath or shower.  If your clothes cannot be washed daily, then hang them in direct sunlight, which will inactivate the virus.
  4. Wash metallic surfaces carefully and thoroughly, as the virus can survive on metal surfaces for 9 DAYS.
  5. Do not smoke.
  6. Wash your hands every 20 minutes using any soap that foams.  Wash your hands for 20 seconds and wash them thoroughly.
  7. Eat fruits and vegetables.  Try to get your zinc levels as well as your Vitamin C levels elevated.
  8. This virus is NOT spread by animals – transmission of this virus is person-to-person.
  9. Try to avoid contracting common influenza, as this may weaken your immune system.  Try to avoid drinking cold things.
  10. If you are feeling a sore throat, or any discomfort in your throat, attack it aggressively using the above methods for keeping the virus from getting into your lungs.  The virus enters your throat first, remaining there for 3-4 days before passing to your lungs, so you have a fighting chance if you catch it early!

I hope that this post offers some hope in terms of having some control over your own health and well-being during this pandemic.  We can beat this virus, and we will, but only if we take care of each other and ourselves.  The above strategies were offered by a disease specialist in Spain, and were taken from a recording translated into English.  If these things help even just a little bit, that’s a little bit more than we had, and a little bit more control we take away from COVID-19 and the fear and panic it brings with it.  Be well, and God speed.

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