First Sunday without Sacrament service

Well, I had the privilege of teaching the last lesson (last Sunday) before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down our church services for the foreseeable future. I taught the lesson based on President M. Russell Ballard’s talk, ” Giving Our Spirits Control Over Our Bodies”. How appropriate that lesson and that talk ended up being! Today was our first Sunday without Sacrament service or any other gathering. My mom and I had a short “service”, going over the lesson for this week and looking up some additional references to answer some questions we had, which ended up being very productive. The Prophet put out a message to the worldwide Church to reassure the Latter-day Saints and encourage us to remain faithful and strong.

I believe this is a test. This is a test to help us refine our crisis planning and get our lives in order so that we can face future, more difficult challenges without fear and with plenty of readiness and faith. I have no fear whatsoever. Truly, I am not afraid. I know that, whatever happens, Heavenly Father has a plan. That plan includes and is centered around salvation through Jesus Christ, according to my faith. Knowing that things could be much worse and that we have been given an opportunity to repent and get our houses in order for what will inevitably come is actually a great comfort, even though I have underlying medical conditions that predispose me to catching respiratory infections specifically. We have been given a chance. Take advantage of this opportunity to better yourselves and prepare for what is to come! Help each other, come together, and be kind. This is your opportunity to do something great in the lives of others and in your own life. Cherish every moment of life you have and always be thankful! Life is fragile! Take time to appreciate it.

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