The Altra Lone Peak 4 Trail Runners

Altra was not a brand of shoe that I was familiar with until I browsed around in an outdoors shop last week. The shoes caught my eye because they were very wide in the forefoot, which is what I’ve been searching for in a shoe all of my life. I looked them over in the shop and they were something that stuck in my mind as a shoe to research. It turns out that I’ve had the right idea all my life, but shoe manufacturers don’t get the picture. These shoes were different. They allow natural toe splay, which helps with impact, alignment, and foot and joint health in general. These shoes were also zero-drop, meaning that the cushion is designed to allow your foot to naturally correct any over-pronation and other problems. Cushion. That was another thing about these shoes that was unique. The cushion in them was moderate and hit that sweet spot that made walking in them feel like something you would want to do instead of an unpleasant task that you might have to do. I discovered what I’ve been missing in shoes all this time! My natural foot position inside the shoes!

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