Daylight Saving Time again

Thank goodness Daylight Saving Time is back again! I think we should stay on this schedule all year round, myself. There re those who would argue, but that’s my opinion. I taught a lesson at church this morning and it went great, despite my really jacked up sleep last night. I’m glad that went well. The climbing gym is super busy today, and it snowed last night, so I can’t climb on the sandstone outdoors because it’s wet. I’m having a rough day, but being at the climbing gym is keeping me somewhat sane, at least. I talked to my friend David at church this morning and he had a lot of good advice for me to try out for my PTSD. I’m glad I got the opportunity to talk to him. So the day, despite it being an hour shorter, is going okay. It’s just my mental state that’s suffering today. I’m still trying, though. Gotta give me some credit for that, right? I hope your day is going well, whoever and wherever you are.

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