Planning more peakbagging

I’m planning some more peakbagging to try to stay sane. I’m also making sure I’m solid on wilderness navigation, wilderness medicine, and wilderness basics. That keeps my mind fairly occupied and I’m really stoked about the upcoming spring and early summer. Hopefully everything will work out to where I can spend a lot of time in the wilderness hiking and climbing this coming warm season. I really think it will help me relieve a lot of stress and deal more effectively with my PTSD. I have to really get in shape, and I will get in even better shape through my time outdoors. Just planning the trips and reading about the peaks and the wilderness inspires a sense of adventure and excitement within me. That’s the old me. That’s the me that used to not be afraid of anything and knew I could do anything I set my mind to. That’s the part of me that got lost somewhere in the Desert, in the War that will never end. I’m hoping I can find myself again somehow…

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