Can’t wait until I feel better

Today’s a tough day so far. I’m beginning the tail end of this medication reset business and I feel horrible in ways I can’t even describe! There’s so many ways to feel bad. It’s amazing, really. Instead of focusing on how bad I feel, though, I’m going to describe some of the many ways there are to feel good, because dwelling on the bad stuff is just going to make me feel worse. Maybe we can all feel a little better if we look at some positive ways to feel better. I’m going to try, at least. You’re welcome to join me.

So, first, let me say that “feeling good” in my world doesn’t involve illegal drugs, misused or abused prescription drugs, or alcohol. It doesn’t involve violence, torture, bullying, criminal activity, or otherwise wrongful acts perpetrated upon or against people, animals, or property. Are we clear? I’m talking about “feeling good” the right way — the no harm to self or others way.

Now that we know where we’re at and where we want to be, let’s discuss some ways to get there. First, drink a glass of water. Many people are chronically dehydrated and don’t even know it. I drink a lot of water — over a gallon a day. If I get less than that, I just don’t feel good. Stay hydrated. It makes a huge difference. Second, eat some fresh fruit or vegetables. Nothing with high fructose corn syrup involved. Your diet has everything to do with your health, so drop the donut and grab a banana or some sugar snap peas. You get the idea. We need the vitamins, minerals, and fiber from these foods. Make sure you address your diet if you’re trying to feel better. Third, exercise. Go for a walk, ride your bike, go for a hike, go to the gym and lift weights — whatever you can do to get moving. Circulation is crucial to all of our bodily functions and a healthy body. It’s something to work on and goes along with diet as far as feeling better goes. Maybe it’s nasty outside. Do you have a stairwell in your house or building, or is there a parking garage nearby? Bundle up and see if you can get some exercise. Fourth, try something new. Get a hobby. What do you like to do? Do something you like to do. Relax. If you can relax, you can accomplish one of the most important tasks I’m going to mention. That would be fifth on our list (and should probably be first) — sleep. Good, quality, restful sleep. Extremely important! If you’re constantly short on sleep, your immunity is compromised, your focus is dull, your body is in disrepair, and you just don’t feel good. Get some sleep!

These things may seem really basic, but they’re just the beginning and the foundation for more advanced forms of feeling good. Take care of the basics first, and then worry about the bigger stuff. If you’re not feeling good, then nothing in your life is going to work out right (or as well as it otherwise could). So let’s feel better, okay? Deal!

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