President Trump acquitted

I rarely talk politics, but rarely is the United States of America’s Senate voting on a Presidential impeachment, either. After watching President Trump’s State of the Union address last night and seeing Speaker Nancy Pelosi immediately stand upon its conclusion and rip her copy of his speech in half in front of God and everybody, I have to say that I’m glad that President Trump was acquitted today. Pelosi’s behavior lacked any modicum of the decorum inherent in and necessary for a person of her position in the American government, and I think that she should be asked to resign as a result of her bad behavior. In the military, we would call her behavior, at the very least, “conduct unbecoming “. I believe she embarrassed her entire constituency along with the United States as a nation in front of the entire world last night on national and international television. Her behavior is inexcusable. As for the acquittal of President Trump, I am relieved — relieved that this circus side show is finally over. I’m glad to see that the Stars and Stripes still fly high and that the system, however broken, still works.

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