Climbing books to love

I’m so impressed with the book Peakbagging Montana by Cedron Jones that I expended the money to invest in a few of the books that the author of this book references regularly as well. These have been well worth it. Here’s the book I’m talking about:

One of the books referenced is called Climbers Guide To Montana by Pat Caffrey, copyright 1986 (hard to find, as it’s out-of-print). It is an invaluable addition to my peakbagging library. Definitely well worth it!

I’ve barely put either of these books down in the last week! Another source that is very useful is You can get custom maps printed out and sent to you, and we all remember how important maps and compasses are, especially on the edge of panic and well into fatigue or weather, right? I’m excited to go bag some of these peaks. Alpinism, here I come!

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