Mount Wood, Montana, USA

Mount Wood. That’s my peakbagging goal for the end of this coming summer. It’s the second highest peak in Montana and the summit is at 12,649+ feet with a prominence of 2,809 feet. First, there’s the hike to Mystic Lake, where we can camp overnight. The next day, we can hike and climb to the summits (east and west) of Mount Wood and back. That will involve approaching the peak from the south and fording a stream, in addition to some scrambling near the summit(s). I ordered a custom topo map from for this very special project goal of mine. This is going to take a lot of training, and once it gets warm enough, I plan to perform that training outdoors — hiking — as if it were the real thing. I plan on bagging some preliminary peaks in order to properly train for this first big project of mine. The reason I chose Mount Wood as my first big project for peakbagging is due to its location. It’s in an area I’ve always wanted to explore, and my mom can go with me if she wants to (it’s an area she’s wanted to explore, too). And if we only get as far as Mystic Lake, then that’s all the farther we get. That’s okay. It’s the journey that counts, along with the physical fitness that will come from exploring this beautiful, wild state of mine. Two words in parting for this post: bear spray.

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