Sick from stress

Have you ever gotten or been so stressed that you were physically ill? I haven’t for a long time, but these last few days have been awful. Not only do I feel like my brain is sick from stress, but I’m also physically ill. A stressful event occurred on Monday morning and I haven’t been able to shake it all week. Some things are so impactful and hit me so wrong that it sets off this type of reaction in me. It’s the PTSD, for sure. Emphasis on the stress part at the moment. I have a hard time eating and I’m just not hungry. I don’t sleep, nor do I care if I do. I’m trying to deal with it by planning something fun and constructive — Doctor’s Orders — and writing down three sentences a day consisting of three positive things about the day. Every day. The bar has been set at rock bottom for a couple of days, but I talked to the Doc about it and promised him he’d see me Monday. I talked to my Chaplain friend Doug at the hospital today, too. I promised him that if it got real bad, I’d come in. Triggers suck, and having people that care about you and show it is invaluable, especially at times like these. I have people in my life who will listen and not judge me or tell me how I should feel. They offer helpful advice about what they see and help me find solutions instead of dictating to me who I should be. They help me DO something about my PTSD. I’m ever so grateful for these people in my life. And to those who would tell me how I should feel and dictate my life to me, I say, well…this site is rated PG.

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