Planning some peakbagging

Peakbagging, you say? Yes, that’s what I said. It’s getting to the summit of a peak of some prominence (this varies) without climbing proper, which may include 3rd Class scrambling, though. It’s technically “hiking”, but can be some very intense hiking indeed. I’m after mountain peaks, after all! Here in Montana, those can be on the order of over 12,000 feet in elevation! I’m reading through a book called Peakbagging Montana by Cedron Jones, © 2011, and I bought some topo maps to go with it. I’ll get more specific and detailed topo maps when I officially pick a peak, but for now, it’s fun looking them all up. I’m thinking that could get me in better shape in a hurry when the weather turns warmer. Plan now, execute then! This is honestly quite fun, I must say. Yet another project from the mind of the Doc, who told me about the book and used to go peakbagging himself. I just have to find some people who are willing to go on these adventures with me. One shouldn’t wander into the wilderness alone…

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