My Scriptures disappeared!

I walked into the chapel just as the first ward was leaving, having finished their Sacrament meeting. I put my Scriptures down on the pew where I normally sit and then proceeded to the restroom. The nearest restroom was out of order, so I had to go to the other restroom and wait my turn at the other end of the building. Finally, when I got back to my seat, I discovered that some well-meaning soul had either accidentally or intentionally picked up my Scriptures and taken them with them. My Scriptures were certainly gone! I embarked on a mission to find them. First, I looked everywhere I thought a well-meaning person would turn in a lost set of Scriptures — the library, where the lost and found is located. No luck. I asked around, searched every other room I could think of, periodically went back to my seat to see if they had been returned, and still no luck. It was time for Sacrament meeting and Ward Conference to begin. I said the opening prayer and it went great despite my dilemma, or perhaps because of it. I sat back down and prayed that God would help me find my lost Scriptures. Sacrament was administered and right before the Stake President’s remarks, I snuck out. The ward that had had Sacrament before us was just getting finished with their second-hour classes. I asked around again, checked all the rooms and with all the people again, and still no luck. Then an idea popped into my mind — to check in the elders quorum room. It was the oddest thought, but it was persistent. I went down the hallway and around the corner to the room and right inside the doorway on top of the piano were my Scriptures! I flipped through them and nothing was missing. I decided then and there that it was time to leave. I went straight to my mom’s house with my recovered Scriptures and took them safely inside. What a day! And it’s only halfway over…

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